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Mark 2 Jet with Visor Michel Vaillant Original


Mark 2 Jet with Visor Michel Vaillant Original

Lightweight and protective carbon helmet that meets Speedbike (45km/h), cycling and also skiing standards and certification. It is equipped with the MIPS protection technology and its vents are reflective.
Delivered with a Class-1 optical quality visor, removable ear muffs and a system for holding your ski goggles. The Fidlock closure system seamlessly combines the ease of magnetic attraction with the strength of a mechanical closure. Interior made from recycled materials adjustable to the millimeter using a scroll wheel.
10 year warranty. Red triangle on a white helmet with a glossy varnish.

Mips-Secured helmets

We integrated Mips® system to our Mark 2 helmets in order to mitigate the rotational motion that occurs during a crash, which is known to pose a greater risk of brain damage than straight impacts. Mips® safety system is specifically intended to provide additional protection in the event of such an accident.
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