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Motorcycle helmets

Motorcycle helmets


Every feature on our helmets is about maximum safety or maximum comfort. Because our helmets are small, they’re incredibly flattering. The carbon fiber shell offers maximum protection for minimum weight. And thanks to our innovative fastening system, our helmets can easily be mounted with a flip-up shield or converted into a full-face.

When safety meets comfort 

The Mark 1 is designed to meet the highest standards of safety and comfort for any riding adventure. Here are some of the features that make the Mark 1 stand out:

  • The carbon fibre shell offers maximum protection for minimum weight. It is durable, lightweight, and resistant to impact and abrasion.
  • The innovative fastening system lets you easily switch between a flip-up shield or a full-face chin guard, depending on your preference and activity. The flip-up shield provides excellent visibility, while the full-face chinguard offers extra protection.
  • Veldt Mark 1 helmet meets European, USA, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean certification requirements. When mounted as a fullface it is equipped with Pinlock 120 fog-resistant insert lens.
  • Snug but comfortable: With each helmet, we supply two sets of skull and cheek pads of different thicknesses. So, if your size straddles between two, you can remove or swap padding, to strike that perfect balance between comfort and support. Changing and removing pads allows you to tailor the interior fit to perfectly match the unique shape of your head.
  • Mark 1 helmet uses titanium screws and double D ring which are strong, corrosion-resistant, and biocompatible.

Veldt Mark 1 Helmet with Chinguard
A helmet that looks as good as it protects

Protecting your brain is important, but what about your teeth and smile? Veldt Mark 1 helmet is also available with chinguard, offering maximum protection for your face and jaw regions. With its sleek design and carbon fiber construction, Mark 1 is the perfect helmet for riders who want to look good and stay safe.

Protect your smile, protect your ride !

From Simple to Fullface


We deliver to 50 countries free of charge with express carriers (UPS and FedEx when available).

Most of our gear is shipped within 48 hours. Made-to-order products are shipped within 10 weeks.

All our helmets are shipped in an elegant FSC-certified cardboard box.


Create your dream helmet with our 3D configurator! Whether full-face or open face, just select your preferred design pattern, change colors, choose your interior materials (leather, tartan..), add a flip up shield or a visor, paint a personal number or an engraved name, add or remove rivets and select screws material, modify chin guard, select double-D tab material (nylon/leather), add ventilation options.

Within 10 weeks, you will receive a unique, hand-made custom motorcycle helmet delivered free of charge in its luxury, FSC-certified cardboard case.

All our motorcycle helmets come with a 5-year guarantee.