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About Veldt

About Veldt


We love to ride, we wanted to create the best possible helmets we could: helmets that protected us, helmets that were comfortable, but also helmets that remained simple.

That’s what Veldt is all about.

Every feature on our helmets is about maximum safety or maximum comfort.

Because our helmets are small, they’re incredibly flattering.

The carbon fiber shell offers maximum protection for minimum weight. And thanks to our innovative fastening system, our helmets can easily be mounted with a flip-up shield or converted into a full-face.

Know how

With three decades of hands-on experience in the motorcycle helmet industry, our team gathers the know-how necessary to bring you the best possible helmet. To offer the best combination of lightness and impact protection our helmet’s outer shells are made of carbon fiber baked in an autoclave. The production process takes about six hours and is carried out in our workshop in Amoy. We use carbon fiber from Toray of Japan, leather from Haas of France, and Indutan of Portugal, paint is from Akzonobel and our full-face motorcycle helmets come with Pinlock 120 lenses. Drawing upon three decades of hands-on experience in the motorcycle helmet industry, our team possesses the invaluable know-how required to deliver the finest helmets available.
To achieve an optimal balance between lightness and impact protection, we utilize carbon fiber for the outer shells of our helmets. These shells undergo a meticulous production process involving carbon fiber baked in an autoclave. This process, which takes approximately six hours, is executed within our workshop located in Amoy.
In our pursuit of excellence, we source materials from renowned manufacturers around the globe. Our carbon fiber is supplied by Toray of Japan, while our leather is sourced from Haas of France and Indutan of Portugal. We rely on Akzonobel for our paint, ensuring a high-quality finish. Additionally, our full-face motorcycle helmets are equipped with Pinlock 120 lenses, enhancing visibility and safety.

Durability and Repairability

At Veldt, we place great emphasis on the durability and repairability of our helmets. We understand the importance of investing in a helmet that can withstand the test of time and provide reliable protection. That’s why we have implemented measures to ensure long-lasting performance and offer repair services to our customers.

For our bicycle, speed bike, and ski helmets, we provide a 10-year guarantee, demonstrating our confidence in their durability. Similarly, our motorcycle helmets come with a 5-year guarantee, assuring their quality and longevity. In the event that your helmet requires repair, our dedicated customer service and shop are available to assist you, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy the full benefits of your Veldt helmet.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and are actively working to improve our ecological footprint. While our current carbon shells are not recyclable, we are conducting tests and research to develop recyclable linen shells as an alternative. By exploring innovative materials and manufacturing techniques, we aim to minimize waste and promote a circular economy.

In line with our environmental values, we prioritize the use of responsibly sourced materials. All papers and cardboard utilized in our packaging have FSC certification, ensuring that they come from sustainably managed forests. When selecting textiles, we give preference to those certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), guaranteeing their organic origin. Additionally, if necessary, we incorporate materials certified by Oeko-Tex, which ensures they are free from harmful substances. Our synthetic materials are sourced from GRS (Global Recycled Standard)-certified recycling channels, supporting the use of recycled materials and reducing our environmental impact. By integrating durability, repairability, and sustainable practices into our helmet design and manufacturing processes, we aim to provide products that not only prioritize safety and comfort but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious future.

Behind the brand

“The Veldt” is a short story written by American author Ray Bradbury. Originally appearing as “The World the children made” in the 23 September 1950 issue of the Saturday Evening Post, it was republished under its current name in the 1951 anthology The Illustrated Man. In the story, two children solve their disappointment with their parents by escaping to a simulated grassland that proves all too real. The Veldt is also a type of wide open rural landscape in Namibia.