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Fighting counterfeits

Fighting counterfeits

At Veldt, we are dedicated to combating counterfeiting and ensuring the authenticity of our helmets. Our commitment to fighting against counterfeits goes beyond protecting our brand image and creativity – it is about prioritizing your safety.

To verify the authenticity of your Veldt helmet, we have embedded an NFC (Near Field Communication) passive tag inside it. This feature enables customer follow-up and enhances our ability to fight counterfeiting effectively. Using your smartphone and any NFC application, you can scan your helmet near the front Veldt logo. This scanning process will verify the validity of your serial number, providing assurance that your helmet is genuine.

While additional checks exist, we are unable to provide detailed information to the public on how to identify genuine Veldt products. Sharing such information could potentially be exploited by counterfeiters. However, a general rule of thumb applies – if a deal appears too good to be true, it is likely that you are being sold a counterfeit product. This applies both to purchases made in physical retail stores and online.

If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of your Veldt helmet or if you suspect a counterfeit product, please reach out to our dedicated anti-counterfeit team at

They will assist you and take appropriate actions.