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Helmet sizing

Helmet sizing

Our helmets should be snug but comfortable

A loosely fitting helmet may not remain in place during an accident, increasing your risk of a dangerous head injury. On the other hand, an excessively tight-fitting helmet, or one that is too small, will be both uncomfortable and possibly unsafe.

Choose the right sizing

Use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head about 1 cm above your eyebrows. Make sure the tape is at the same height all around your head when measuring.

Mark 1

Motorcycle Helmet

Head Circumference

Helmet Sizecminches
XS – S53 – 5621 – 22
M – L57 – 5922 – 23
XL – XXL60 – 6324 – 25

Mark 2

Bike, Speedbike & Ski Helmet

Head Circumference

Helmet Sizecminches
XS51 – 5320 – 21
S54 – 5621 – 22
M – L57 – 6022 – 23
XL61 – 6424 – 25

Adjust your fit on Mark 1

With each Mark 1 helmet, we supply the skull and cheek pads in order to create the two possible sizes. So, if your size straddles XS and S, M and L, or XL and XXL, you can find a helmet that fits you perfectly. Feel free to remove or swap padding, in order to strike that perfect balance between comfort and support. Changing and removing pads allows you to tailor the interior fit to perfectly match the unique shape of your head. Cheek pads must be worn at all times to guarantee safety.

Adjust your fit on Mark 2

Adjusting the helmet to the individual head size can be achieved with the rear wheel fitting systems.