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Mark 2 Jet with Visor de Nimes


Mark 2 Jet with Visor de Nimes

Casco de carbono ligero y protector que cumple con los estándares de Speedbike (45km/h), ciclismo y también esquí. Está equipado con tecnología de protección MIPS.
Se entrega con una visera de excelente calidad óptica (Clase 1), orejera extraíbles y un sistema de retención para sus gafas de esquí. El sistema de cierre Fidlock combina la facilidad de la atracción magnética con la fuerza de un cierre mecánico. Interior regulable al milímetro fabricado con materiales reciclados. 10 años de garantía. A denim exterior, with gold lamb lining, finished off with gold calf trim.

Mips-Secured helmets

We integrated Mips® system to our Mark 2 helmets in order to mitigate the rotational motion that occurs during a crash, which is known to pose a greater risk of brain damage than straight impacts. Mips® safety system is specifically intended to provide additional protection in the event of such an accident.
Learn more about MIPS

The Dream Helmet for Biking and Skiing.

Every feature on our helmets is about maximum safety or maximum comfort. Because our helmets are small, they’re incredibly flattering. The carbon fiber shell offers maximum protection for minimum weight. And thanks to our innovative fastening system, our helmets can easily be mounted with a flip-up shield or converted into a full-face.

When safety meets comfort

The Mark 2 is designed to meet the highest standards of safety and comfort for any riding adventure. Here are the features that make the Mark 2 stand out:

  • The carbon fibre shell offers maximum protection for minimum weight. It is durable, lightweight, and resistant to impact and abrasion.
  • The innovative fastening system lets you easily switch between a flip-up shield or a full-face chin guard, depending on your preference and activity. The flip-up shield provides excellent visibility, while the full-face chinguard offers extra protection.
  • Veldt Mark 2 helmet meets certification requirements for cycling, e-biking including speedbikes (45km/h), skiing, and downhill mountain biking when equipped with its chinguard. It is equipped with the Mips® protection technology, which helps redirect forces away from the head. It also has reflective vents that enhance your visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Mark 2 helmet comes with removable ear muffs and a system for holding your ski goggles. The ear muffs keep your ears warm and cosy, while the goggle holder prevents your goggles from slipping. The Fidlock closure system seamlessly combines the ease of magnetic attraction with the strength of a mechanical closure. The interior is made from recycled materials that are soft, breathable, and adjustable to the millimetre using a scroll wheel.
  • Mark 2 helmet uses titanium screws which are strong, corrosion-resistant, and biocompatible.
  • Helmet with Chinguard.
    A helmet that looks as good as it protects.

    Head protection is crucial, but what about your smile? The Veldt Mark 2 helmet doesn’t just offer protection from head injuries, it also protects your face thanks to a chinguard which has successfully passed the certification for downhill mountain bike helmets. With its sleek design and carbon fiber construction, it’s the ideal choice for riding or skiing with confidence and safety.