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Michel Vaillant – Motorcycle Helmets

#1 Limited Edition

Limited to 999 pieces

First limited edition helmet with a very special tribute to Michel Vaillant.

Three classic designs, directly inspired by those created by Jean Graton for his famous characters : “Steve Warson”, the enigmatic “leader” and, of course, “Michel Vaillant”. Three special editions are added to these classics : “Julie Wood”, “Sans visage” and « Joël Robert ».

With its timeless style, Veldt’s Mark 1 helmet catches the essence of Michel Vaillant’s comics which have appealed to so many car and race enthousiasts around the world since 1957.

Michel Vaillant ” Sans Visage “

Who is the “Sans visage” driver, who threatens Michel Vaillant in Monaco and defeats him in Spa at the wheel of his black F1? The answer comes when the “Sans visage” driver starts to take off his helmet in front of Michel Vaillant.

Michel Vaillant x Joel Robert

Jean Graton remembers: “Motorcycles were part of my childhood. My father, sports commissioner for the Club Motocycliste Nantais, gave me a 40cc Gillet-Herstal moped which he had brought over from Belgium. Then it was my meeting with the multi-champion motocross racer Joel Robert that inspired me to dedicate an album to motorcycling.”

Michel Vaillant 2024

Michel Vaillant made his debut in 1957 in “Le Grand Défi”, protected by a white and red bowl helmet. In “Le 13 est au départ” he opted for the blue helmet that has accompanied him for 60 years.
In 2024, Michel Vaillant inaugurates the new helmet paint scheme designed by Adrien Paviot for “Rédemption”.