We love to ride, we wanted to create the best possible helmet we could: a helmet that protected us, a helmet that was comfortable, but also a helmet that remained simple. that’s what VELDT is all about.

Every feature on this helmet is about maximum safety or maximum comfort.

Because our helmets are small, they’re incredibly flattering

The carbon fiber shell offers maximum protection for minimum weight. and thanks to our innovative fastening system, our helmets can easily be mounted with a flip up shield or converted into a full-face.


Know How

With a decade of hands-on experience in the motorcycle helmets industry, our team gathers the know how necessary to bring you the best possible helmet.

To offer the best combination of lightness and impact protection our helmets outer shells are made of carbon fibre baked in autoclave. the production process takes about six hours and is carried out in our workshop in amoy. we use carbon fibre from toray of japan, leather from indutan of portugal, paint is from akzonobel and our fullface helmets come with pinlock 120 lenses.


Behind the brand

The VELDT” is a short story written by american author ray bradbury. originally appearing as “the world the children made” in the 23 september 1950 issue of the saturday evening post, it was republished under its current name in the 1951 anthology the illustrated man. In the story, two children solve their disappointment with their parents by escaping to a simulated grassland that proves all too real.

The veldt is also a type of wide open rural landscape in namibia.


Five years

We are committed to offer a great customer service both in direct and through the stores we have selected to distribute our products. all our helmets come with a five year warranty.